Armenian Institute Library

The Armenian Institute Library: creation of a new resource centre

The Institute Library includes over 7000 volumes and collections of serials on Armenia, the diaspora and neighbouring peoples and countries. The core of the library is the collections of Charles Dowsett, the first Professor of Armenian Studies at Oxford, and author Mischa Kudian. On permanent loan from the AGBU London Trust, the magnificent Dowsett collection of some 4000 books contains scholarly and rare publications in Armenian, Georgian, Ottoman Turkish and most European languages.

The Institute has also made careful additions to the collection, mainly through generous individual donations, to provide resources for Londoners and researchers who need to learn more about the Armenians. We hope this will be a project-oriented resource, which will be actively used to create new events, publications, recordings, etc. Ideally we will also be able to begin an archive of Armenian life, including recordings of oral histories of Armenians living in Britain.

The library and its resources are available to the public through visits and eventually over the Internet.