London is a vibrant city, a crossroads of people and ideas.  In 2001 a group of friends decided that this was the ideal place to begin a new Armenian organisation that would build on opportunities and create new ones.  In Armenian, a word often used for formal groups is  “mioutiune”, based on a bringing together.  However, it is difficult to translate and the name Armenian Institute (AI) was chosen to reflect the hope that this bringing together of people and ideas would take on a structure and longevity beyond the early connections that enabled it.  

What We Do

The Armenian Institute has continued to provide a space to meet and discuss, be entertained by world-class artists, listen to authors, academics, journalists speak about their latest work and be stimulated and inspired by workshops, films and exhibitions.  We also provide language classes in East and West variants of Armenian and produce important publications such as the children’s book, Who Are the Armenians?

A rich library (link) is at the heart of the Armenian Institute and visitors are encouraged to use these resources to learn about the past, about Armenian culture and heritage and also to build on these to create new kinds of resources for our modern world.

Who We Are

Within the work of the Armenian Institute, particular attention is paid to contemporary Diasporan life and the development of links with Armenia and other communities.  Our emphasis on exploring culture, history and the contemporary world makes the Institute a magnet for Armenians and non-Armenians alike seeking to learn more and enjoy the company of others who share these interests.

The Armenian Institute seeks to build bridges with others and promotes interaction, collaboration and networking among ethnic and cultural groups for the enrichment of individuals and communities.

Our Structure

The Armenian Institute has a five person Board of Trustees, an Executive Committee that discusses and plans events, and a wide range of Friends, Patrons and Benefactors who support the Institute financially and through active volunteering.  Grants from funders such as the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the St Sarkis Charity Trust, the Benlian Trust, the Arts Council England, the Heritage Lottery Fund and others are essential to creating our larger events and publications. 

We are a non-affiliated, independent organisation and welcome all to join us.

The AI is a Registered Charity in England and Wales, Charity No. 1088410