• Armenian Church of St Sarkis Iverna Gardens London, England, W8 6TN United Kingdom

The Armenian Institute invites you to commemorate the exceptional life and achievements of Hrant Dink, which ended in his cowardly murder ten years ago on 19 January 2007 in Istanbul. Hrant Dink spoke out in his weekly Agos and in the media worldwide for the oppressed, the minorities, the fearful and the forgotten and died for his courage. He was awarded numerous international prizes including the Henry Nannen and Bjørnson Prize for peace and freedom of press and is undoubtedly one of the most radiant figures in humanitarian world history.

 Please join us in the beautiful and intimate St Sarkis Church for an evening of words, music and image. We will be reading with many voices from the biography, Hrant Dink, An Armenian Voice of the Voiceless in Turkey, by Tuba Çandar, a collage of his words as well as recollections, reports and tributes of those closest to him with songs by soloists from Armenia, Turkey and Britain: Suna Alan, Aygul Erce, Anais Heghoyan and Aris Nadirian.

 We come together to give voice without formality and hope that you may wish to join in the reading even for a few minutes. Please get in touch on the evening. Texts will be available. 

Organised by the Armenian Institute.

Free admission.